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Philosophy :Integrity, win-win situation, brands, services

Purpose: Market-oriented, depending on the integrity of life.

Valuses: Care for life Imagine life.

Solomon has a strong leadership team,Professional and dare to innovate,each member of the rich in their respective fields of experience, each time customers is full of surprises;Has a unique on the market to see;the whole team is full of rational and lose passion.Solomon cherish and care for all staff to be more single-handedly built their own brand of Solomon,for Solomon the understanding of brand strategy and more thorough,Whether Interests in the short term or long-term interests can be easily reached a consensus.

Not only to ensure the flexibility of the mechanism,but also ensures that the Solomon brand strategy and say hello too in order to thoroughly implement,and execute. We always keep in mind every time the spirit of innovation as the first principle.We firmly believe that service-oriented is to obtain customer confidence in the only effective way to change. We know that the water bit by bit difficult for one leap lf logic,wide mob of people power,advocating teamwork.


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