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Materials&Manufacture center
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Materials&Manufacture center


Our products throughout the production process subject to strict quality control,including real-time online test box random testing.Lates raw material into the library from the beginning until the final product packing all the production processes are supported by GMP production manner.We are products comply with European EN600international ISO4074 and the Worle Health Organization WHO as the most stringent quality standards,We are continuously improving manufacturing systems and quality cnotrol systems, So that product quality beyond the world’s most stringent quality standards.

We are constantly inproving product quality assurance system and improve our environment clean and hygienic production system,By experiment the most advanced testing equipment, our experienced test engineers to affect product quality, implementation of various projects in real-time monitoring, control, Ensures that all products undergo a comprehensive stringent quality tests, such as the pinhole test is 100% electronic testing. Technological advances and the development and improvement of our competitiveness, and through strict 3C certification,to make our company a world-class manufacturing base of the condom.

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