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UK SOLOMON INT’L GROUP LIMITED is a well-known British social marketing agencies.In many countries in the world with offices and independent branch,it is mainly engaged in medical equipment and household goods industries.(Note:King Solomon of ancient Israel to pay quite a heyday of the legendary monarch,he is a right, glory, wealth, wisdom symbol,)Search group’s efforts and achievements have been the host Government and many international institutions to support and appreciation. Solomon’s brands cover the medical and health care, household goods, outdoor sprots and leisure goods and many other areas.Solomon brand condoms in the Europenan market and fashion over the years in high income groups who vigorously sought after and loved.


Solomon Brand agencies adhere to the “technological innovation and to seize the high point” of the development strategy.

Brought together top-notch professional elite,active and innovative in adhering to do the world’s thinnest, most flexible and dlastic condom product concept. Continuous improvement in process technology, will be a variety of advanced technology in the production of condoms, their degree of thinnest set of ultra-thin wall of 0.05mm can be achieved to ensure that the Solomon Islands to do sets of walls thinner and stranger at the same time toughness. Approved by the expertise to ensure the comfort and health degrees, in full compliance with modern requirements of high-quality sex life.


Solomon is committed to maintaining high-quality, elegant image, better market positioning affinity. Solomon’s current product line includes:Solomon improted fine series of condoms (Origin:Malaysia),China-made high-quality condoms(Origin:Shanxi Gaoping Danyang Rubber). Extensive product line so that the Solomon brand competition in the market position will be strengthened. Solomon currently more than 30 provinces and autonomous regions across the country in more than 90 cities with their own sales network.

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