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To agents requirements:

1, have good business prestige and social relations, have certain financial strength,

2, has perfect marketing network and high-quality marketing team,

Can provide support: advertisement, propaganda page, X exhibition frames, auxiliary agents off quickly market, promote the brand position.

3 and marketing support provides the high quality product, the legitimate business formalities, adopt uniform ultra low-cost supply system, strictly regulate the market exclusivity protections agent system to ensure maximum profit space.

4, technical support according to the regional market conditions, by senior marketing expert tailored effect unique OTC market marketing operation.

We firmly believe: again good product, no good dealer, also won't have big development; Again good dealer, without good products, market also won't have good returns. Our hope: you can choose a good product, we can choose a good dealer. We are looking forward to: and you achieve win-win, create brilliant!

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